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4K, 8K, 16K Video Servers

Highest Resolution
Highest Dynamic Range
Highest Frame Rate
   servers in the industry

HDMI 2.0 I/O
DisplayPort I/O
High Speed H.265 Encoder
Uncompressed; ProRes; H.265; XAVC play back

Zaxel's video servers can output 8K or larger resolutions, 48 bit RGB pixels, and frame rates up to 240 Hz.

Zaxel's video servers are used to play and record pristine video suitable for digital video presentations, large frame video, and cutting edge virtual reality installations. Zaxel's video servers are used at post production facilities, museums, planetariums, theaters, and research laboratories. We have been shipping 4K servers since 2003 and are constantly striving to support the newest and most challenging formats in the world. We have also started to ship 8K servers from 2013.

In addition to our standard server line we frequently work with system integrators to provide customized video solutions. Because we have developed our own video software we can offer reliable solutions to difficult technical problems.

If you have video problems that require extremely high resolution, very deep color, or extremely high frame rates, please contact Zaxel.

Video Servers


Zaxel News: Zaxel introduces 4K HFR (high frame rate), HDR (high dynamic range) server

Zaxel News: Zaxel releases the best of breed 24P to 60P frame rate converter, OptiBlend(TM)

Zaxel News: Zaxel shipped industry's first 4K 60P HDMI 2.0 recorder to a game industry company

Zaxel News: Zaxel Releases industry leading noise removal software Denoiser8K

Zaxel News: Zaxel releases the ultimate presentation server for ProRes4444 contents: Zaxtar P

Zaxel News: Zaxel has released industry's first DRM for uncompressed 4K contents

Zaxel News: Zaxel delivered Zaxtar X to Japan Cablecast Corporation.

Zaxel's Zaxtar 5 will drive 4K LED panel at InterBEE 2014

Zaxel's Zaxtar X conforms to Japan's 4K broadcasting by supporting play back and editing of NexTV Forum's exchange file format: XAVC Intra 422 60P@600mbps

Zaxel released Zaxel Superscaler8K(TM); 8K superresolution upscaler

Zaxel's Zaxtar player supports full HDMI 2.0 and outputs 4K RGB 444 60P

Zaxel's Zaxtar player now plays back uncompressed 4K 60P contents and outputs through HDMI 2.0 YUV 420 interface

ZaxelŽ will demonstrate 6K to 8K upconversion with 8K SuperscalerTM and ZaxtarŽ 8K server at NAB



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