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From 3-D Visualization to Uncompressed Quality HD, 2K & 4K -- In Realtime

Zaxel Systems is about how you can save time, bandwidth and storage, and thus money, with our new guaranteed lossless HD/2K software CODEC.

Zaxel was founded in 1998 to develop a proprietary 3-D video acquisition system which included the integration of16 or more surround video cameras with real-time disk-based multi-channel video storage systems, controlled by proprietary software for processing and visualization.

In that 3-D engineering project, we developed the Zaxel Lossless Compression (ZLC) software CODEC, now perfected to run in real time on standard PC platforms achieving a compression in the range of 3:1 to 2:1, depending on color space and image content. It is a modified Huffman algorithm, optimized for digital video from SD to HD to 2K. Zaxel guarantees bit-for-bit restoration through multiple CODEC cycles.

Over the past year, Zaxel has re-directed its development efforts toward the professional video sectors, concentrating on bringing highly cost effective products to market, offering Uncompressed HD Quality in powerful Windows-based platforms running the ZLC Software CODEC. The ZLC enables substantial savings in time, bandwidth and storage capacity, which, when coupled with Zaxel’s most competitive price structure, offer you an extremely attractive alternative to the established uncompressed products on the market.

From HD, 2K & 4K realtime disk recorders, servers & players to SAN and NAS realtime I/O units, Zaxel is committed to deliver highly reliable, cost effective, customer friendly and feature rich products to the television and digital film industry.

Poor Quality Images = Low Revenue

The recent advancement of digital technologies has drastically increased the commercial and entertainment use of digital images. However, the quality of digital images has not kept pace with the commercial and entertainment requirements. Merchandisers are unable to convince customers to buy with a thumbnail image. Broadcasters are not able to increase revenue because ratings are not increasing. Medical and semiconductor inspection companies need better digital video capturing to increase the capturing speed and accuracy of their equipment to improve cost performance.

Zaxel Images = Higher Revenue

Zaxel Systems, Inc. has solved these problems by increasing the quality and perception of digital images with patented products: Zaxel 3D Video increases ratings for broadcasters, and Zaxel Lossless Video Capture improves the performance of video-based medical and semiconductor inspection equipment. High-quality Zaxel images and capture system multiply revenues to all Zaxel clients.

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