Zaxel released Zaxel Superscaler8K(TM); 8K superresolution upscaler

Santa Clara, CA (October 10, 2014)

Demands for 8K video contents have been increasing rapidly, because of the availability of 8K TVs and displays and video walls created from 4K panels. However, 8K contents are still very expensive to obtain because of the lack of 8K video cameras.

Zaxel has demonstrated at NAB 2014 that very high quality 8K video can be obtained from 6K video clips using software upscaler.

This approach has an advantage that high quality 6K cameras are readily available at reasonable prices with wide variety of high quality lenses from companies such as Sony, Red, and Arri. Furthermore, the cost of recording is less expensive, and editing is easier and less expensive than 8K.

Now Zaxel released 8K upscaler Zaxel Superscaler8KTM. Zaxel Superscaler8K uses the same renowned upscaling algorithm SAI (Super Adaptive Interpolation) used for Zaxel Superscaler. SAI creates sharp images without introducing ringing noises. SAI obtains high quality upscaling by taking into account of the surrounding pixel values to perform non-linear pixel generation of intermediate points; this operation is equivalent to take lens characteristics into account for an accurate interpolation to generate missing pixels.

Zaxel Superscaler8K takes sequence of DPX files or sequence of TIFF files and generates sequence of 8K DPX files or sequence of TIFF files.

You can download pamphlets and sample 8K files along with the original 6K files from

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