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Video Servers

Zaxel has a wide variety of servers with 4K capabilities.   Uncompressed 4K player with a sequence of DPX files and a sequence of TIFF files.  Zaxel's 4K recorder can capture with 4 3G SDI source.  Zaxel's 3G SDI connection support both Level A and Level B. Zaxel's H.264 Player can play back standard H.264 files.

Zaxel has the world's first 8K server that drives the JVC's wobbling 8K projector, DLA-VS4800. Zaxel's edge-blending solution can play back 8K X 2K or 8K X 4K DPX files Zaxel has the industry's most comprehensive 8K work flow from capture, processing, to play back.

Video Wall
Zaxel's video wall server, Zaxtar VW, can create a very large desk top to run applications and video.  Zaxtar VW has 12 DisplayPort outputs, so that 12 HD displays can be connected and they can form one desk top.

Video Application Software
Zaxel has a number of industry leading software.


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