Zaxel News: Zaxel releases the best of breed 24P to 60P frame rate converter, OptiBlend(TM)

Santa Clara, CA (February 27, 2015)

February 27, 2015

Today Zaxel announced that Zaxel has developed the best of breed frame rate converter, OptiBlend(TM), which can do the industry's best job in creating 60P clips from 24P movies in shortest amount of time. Zaxel is taking orders now.

Because of launching of 4K cable and satellite TV stations, it has become very important to create 4K 60P contents from movies, which is mostly 2K 24P.

However, 24P to 60P frame rate conversion is a very difficult task. There are basically two approaches to the frame rate conversion; one is Optical Flow and the other is Blending. Optical Flow can create very good intermediate frames for some scenes, but it makes serious mistakes for some scenes, and the frames with errors are unusable. On the other hand Blending does not generate any new information, so the generated video is often choppy and no smooth motions for moving objects. Currently what the industry does is to either endure the mediocre clips generated by Blending or to spend enormous amount of hand editing to generate 60P clips.

OptiBlend fixes these problems by combining the best features of Optical Flow and Blending to generate good, smooth video without serious errors. The process is very fast, and can generate one full 4K 60P clip from 2K 24P movie in less than a day by one operator.

Combined with SuperscalerT from Zaxel, post production and TV companies can generate excellent 4K 60P clips ready for broadcasting on TV.

A post production company evaluated OptiBlend and told us that it generated the best clips among all frame rate converters they tested.

For further information on OptiBlend, please send an email to


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