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Zaxtar VW: Video wall server  

Zaxtar VW is the industry leading capabilities for handling video wall. It has the industry leading number of DisplayPort outputs, namely twelve (12).   By connecting 12 HD displays, Zaxtar VW allows one large desk top consisting of 12 HD displays or less of any rectangular shapes. Other applications can run on this desk top utilizing the whole area. Zaxel's video player can run on the desk top utilizing the whole area.

Multiple Zaxtar VW can be connected with frame lock synchronization to create much larger video wall consisting of 24 or 36 or even larger number of HD displays.  Zaxel's video player can run on multiple Zaxtar VW with lock step synchoronization so that one single large video encompassing the entire video wall of 24 or 36 or even larger number of HD displays can run without tearing.

Video format RGB 10 bit, 30P, 60P
Video connection DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4a & 1.4b, DL DVI
Video files DPX, TIFF, AVI
Audio format AES3, 24 bit, 48KHz/96KHz
Time code (option) LTC
External Control TCP/IP, RS232
Synchronization of multiple servers Frame lock synchronization


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