Zaxel News: Zaxel has released the industry's first DRM system for 4K uncompressed contents

Santa Clara, CA (December 9, 2014)

December 9, 2014

Zaxel has released the industry's first Digital Rights Management (DRM) system for 4K uncompressed video and uncompressed audio.

As 4K projectors and displays are used at places such as theme parks and museums, contents used on very large screens have increased dramatically. With the emergence of very large screens and displays, customers are asking for the highest possible quality, and the need to play back uncompressed video and audio has increased.

As the market for very large resolution, uncompressed video and audio has emerged, the contents owners demand protection against thefts and mechanisms to charge the usage. Normally these functions are supported by DRM. However, up until now DRM has been available only for compressed contents such as KDM for Digital Cinema or Blu-ray discs, and DRM for uncompressed contents has not been available.

To meet these requirements, Zaxel has developed Zaxel zDRM, which can encrypt uncompressed video and audio using AES and can encrypt keys and usage capabilities using RSA. Contents owners encrypt uncompressed video and audio and keys and capabilities with Zaxel zDRM to produce encrypted contents and encrypted files with information such as the AES keys, the server where the contents will be played back, and the dates where the contents can be played back.

Encrypted files are sent to the places where the servers are, the keys are decrypted, and the contents are decrypted as being played back. zDRM can decrypt 4K 10 bit 60P encrypted contents in real time without any loss of quality.

Zaxel zDRM is available immediately.

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