Zaxel News: Zaxel Releases industry leading noise removal software Denoiser8K

Santa Clara, CA (January 14, 2015)

January 14, 2015

Today Zaxel announced that Denoiser8K is ready for immediate delivery.

Denoiser8K improves parallel processing capabilities, and speeds up processing speed upto 15 times more than the previous Zaxel Denoiser. The size of the frames that can be processed is increased to 8K.

Denoiser8K assumes all the noise removal capabilities of the industry leading video noise removal software Zaxel Denoiser and can remove noise without altering the underlying real images. It can remove digital video camera noises as well as film grain noises.

Mr. Yukio Yoshimura, the general manager of technical department of Qtec, the leading post production company in Japan, highly praises Zaxel Denoiser. "Qtec has been using Zaxel Denoiser for over 6 years, and during that time Qtec has processed most important video contents with Zaxel Denoiser. We have been continuously evaluating other noise removal software during that period as new software came into the market but we have found no software better than Zaxel Denoiser in terms of the quality of video produced."

For further information on Denoiser8K and Denoiser, please send an email to


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