ZaxelŽ will demonstrate 6K to 8K upconversion with 8K SuperscalerTM and ZaxtarŽ 8K server at NAB

Santa Clara, CA (March 24, 2014)

Zaxel will demonstrate 8K Zaxtar video server and 8K Superscaler superresolution upconversion software at NAB Labs Futures Park in North Hall.The booth number is N1636.Please visit us from April 7 till April 10.

As the display technologies advance very rapidly, the requirements of equipment with high resolution, high frame rate, and deep color increase tremendously.Zaxel's Zaxtar video server has become indispensable tools for the customers who require outputs to 4K, 6K, 8K, 12K video displays at 60P, 120P, 240P, and color depth of 8 bit, 10 bit, 12 bit, and 16 bit.

For example, Zaxtar can drive HFR projector Christie 4K Mirage at 4K 10 bit RGB 444 120P reliably by playing back DPX files.

Another important component for 8K viewing is contents.8K video cameras are still not commercially available.Zaxel's answer to this problem is to add high quality 6K to 8K upconversion in Zaxel Superscaler software.Excellent video cameras such as Red Dragon and Sony F65 have 6K image sensors and creates 6K raw files.Zaxel Superscaler takes 6K files and upconverts to 8K DPX files without going through 4K video files.This results in much sharper 8K images than upconverting from 4K images.

Superscaler also has 3K to 4K superresolution, which upconverts Arri Alexa 3K files to 4K DPX files with excellent quality.

We will demonstrate play back of 8K video created from 6K raw files and 4K video created from 3K files.

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