Zaxel News: Zaxel releases the ultimate presentation server for ProRes4444 contents: Zaxtar P

Santa Clara, CA (January 8, 2015)

January 8, 2015

Today Zaxel announced that Zaxtar P, 4K 10 bit 60P ProRes 4444 player, is available.

Zaxtar P is targeted for the market of highest quality presentation of very large video at such places as theaters, dome screens, amusement parks, convention centers and the post production studios.

Uncompressed video players such as Zaxel's Zaxtar 5 have been used for these purposes. As the large screen and display video facilities have become permanent for these purposes, uncompressed contents have to be transported from the studios to the presentation facilities regularly, and the transportation became a major issue because of the large amount of data has to be transported. So the customers are asking compressed yet visually lossless contents play back.

Widely used high quality compressions are H.264, ProRes, JPEG 2000, and H.265.

However, H.264 and H.265 are only available in 422 and 420 formats now; 422 and 420 formats introduce chroma subsampling degradations resulting in less sharp edges.

JPEG 2000 is 444 but requires tremendous hardware processing for 4K 10 bit 60P 444 play back, and the servers will be very expensive even if they are available.

This leaves ProRes 4444 10 bit as the only viable codec for visually lossless play back of 4K 10 bit 60P.

ProRes is also the preferred compressed formats of post production industires because they introduce hardly any generation losses.

Zaxtar P has features that are indispensable for presentations besides it plays back excellent quality compressed videos.

Multiple Zaxtar P are synchronized at the accuracy of 1 micro second.

Zaxtar P also has optionally the edge blending, warping and projector stacking.

Zaxtar P has the color management system conforming to the industry standard ICC profiles to make sure multiple projectors and displays have the same color.

Zaxtar P has the TCP/IP interfaces for remote control.

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