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Zaxtar 5 8K  

Zaxtar 5 8K drives JVC DLA-VS4800 eShift 8K projectors.

Zaxtar 5 8K offers many features that are essential to drive JVC DLA-VS4800 in 8K eShift mode.

Key Features of the Zaxtar 5 8K server are:

1. Sub-pixel digital convergence algorithm

Dynamic convergence mechanism is to compensate convergence errors of the optical system. The convergence error is that R, G, and B appear separately on the screen. Convergence error is twice more severe than 4K projector and four times more serve than HD projector Therefore, convergence mechanism is indespensable in the 8K system.

2. 12-bit RGB 4:4:4 video output over dual link DVI

3. E-shift synchronization output

4. Converter from standard 8K 16 bit TIFF files to 12 bit AVI file with eShift format

5. Converter from standard 4K 10 bit DPX files to 10 bit AVI file with eShift format

The conversion from standard 4K to eShift 4K enables hardware upconversion to function to obtain sharper video.

6. Uncompressed DPX and TIFF support

7. Warping and edgeblending (optional)

8. Synchronized LTC output to support external audio device (optional)

The Zaxtar 5 8K is housed in a small, low power ATX chassis and is an ideal video server for theaters, museums, and planetariums as well as for interactive applications such as simulation at a fraction of the cost of hardware based solutions.


Video format RGB 12 bit, 4096X2160, 3840X2160, 59.94P, 60P;
Video connection DL DVI x 4
Video files DPX, TIFF, AVI
Audio format AES3, 16 channel, 24 bit, 48KHz/96KHz; Embedded
Time code (option) LTC
eShift synchronization BNC
eShift formatter Software conversion from 8K 16 bit TIFF to 4K 12 bit AVI with eShift format; from 4K 16 bit TIFF to 4K 12 bit AVI with eShift format
Convergence R,G,B channels can be independently adjusted with 1/8 pixel accuracy at 170 mesh points
External Control TCP/IP, RS232
Video storage 8TB SSD
Synchronization of multiple servers Frame lock synchronization
Warping and edge blending Option


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