Zaxel News: Zaxel delivered Zaxtar X to Japan Cablecast Corporation

Santa Clara, CA (November 25, 2014)

November 18, 2014

Today Zaxel announced that it has delivered Zaxtar X to Japan Cable Cast Corporation.

Zaxtar X plays back uncompressed DPX files, XAVC 10 bit Intra 422 files, and XAVCS 8 bit 420 files all in 4K 10 bit 60P through 3G SDI and HDMI 2.0.

Japan Cable Cast Corporation (JCC) is constructing land-based networks and dedicated platforms to broadcast CS multi channel televisions to cable stations all over Japan. JCC is constructing 4K transmission system to realize 4K cable broadcasting scheduled in 2015 and will transmit 4K contents received from contents producer by encoding using HEVC.

Zaxtar X is used in JCC workflow to preview the contents and to check the quality of contents brought in by cable operators.

Zaxtar X can output to 4K display through HDMI 2.0 so that JCC can use most consumer grade 4K TVs to review video quality in the same settings as at home.

Mr. Shigetoshi Oukuma, Senior Managing Director and Chief Technical Officer of JCC, stated that JCC needs to inspect 4K contents brought in by cable operators; therefore, they have been looking for a server that can play back file formats specified by NexTV Forum, namely DPX files and XAVC files, at 4K 60P, and also can play back XAVCS files captured by JCC's own 4K video camera. JCC selected Zaxtar X because it can be connected to consumer level 4K TV, and most affordable server among all servers with such capabilities.

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