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Zaxtar X is aimed at the customers who have 4K cameras and are interested in viewing what has been taken with affordable 4K display at 4K 10 bit 60P. Zaxtar X supports play back of XAVC 10 bit Intra 422 and XAVCS 8 bit 420 files. Both are files created by 4K cameras. Zaxtar X can optionally add fast SSD arrays to be able to play back 10 bit DPX files, and also can be used as fast 4K editing workstation by installing editing software such as Premiere Pro, Da Vince Resolve, or Scratch.

Main features of Zaxtar X are:
  • Plays back official 4K 10 bit XAVC Intra 422 files generated by professional Sony 4K cameras
  • Plays back official 4K 8 bit XAVCS Intra 420 files generated by consumer Sony 4K cameras
  • Video outputs are 4096x2160, 3840x2160@24P,29.97P, 59.94P through 3G SDI and HDMI 2.0 (through a converter)
  • Audio is HDMI embedded audio 8 channel, 24bit, 48/96KHz and AES 8 channels
  • Optionally Zaxtar X can play back DPX files and can be used as an editor.


Video fileXAVC files; XAVCS files; DPX files (optional)
Vodeo output3G SDI and HDMI 2.0 (with an adapter)
Video output format10 bit YUV 422 (3G SDI) and 10 bit YUV 420 (HDMI 2.0) @ 27.97P, 59.94P
CodecH.264 upto 600 mbps
AudioHDMI embedded, 8 channels, LPCM, 24 bit, 48KHz/96KHz; AES, 8 channels
Internal StorageHDD 500GB; SSD (optional)
NetworkGigabit Ethernet X 1
External I/OUSB 2.0X3
Power requirement120W
Weight10 KG

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