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Zaxtar 5 can play back a sequence of 10 bit DPX files, a sequence of 8 bit TIFF, and 8 bit, 10 bit, and 12 bit uncompressed AVI files. The frame rate can be upto 120 frames per second. The output connections can be DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0, Dual Link DVI, and 3G SDI (Level A and Level B). Unlimited number of Zaxtar 5 can be connected and play back in synch using frame lock synchronization.

Video Servers


Video format RGB 10 bit, 4096X2160, 3840X2160, 24P, 25P, 29.97P, 30P, 50P, 59.94P, 60P, 120P; RGB 12 bit (through DL DVI), 4096X2160, 24P, 30P, 60P
Video connection DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0, DL DVI, 3G SDI (Level A&B)
Video files DPX, TIFF, AVI
Audio format AES3, 24 bit, 48KHz/96KHz; Embedded
Time code (option) LTC
External Control TCP/IP, RS232
Synchronization of multiple servers Frame lock synchronization
Warping and edge blending Option


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