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Zaxel's HD CUT outputs 720 60P HD and 1080 60i HD video from 4K 60P video camera with rapid and smooth panning and zooming in real time without actually moving 4K video camera.

Zaxel's HD CUT takes live 4K 60P video input from either SDI or HDMI connections, or it can read recorded 4K video from the internal storage at 60 frames a second, and plays it back to a 4K display.  At the same time, it displays a rectangle within the 4K display.  The video shown in the rectangle is played back as 720 60P HD video or 1080 60I HD video through HDSDI connection, with real time resizing if necessary.

The rectangle can be rapidly and smoothly panned and zoomed using a gamepad.

With HD CUT, cameramen shooting sports events at the stadium may no longer need to change camera direction and camera zooming.  4K video cameras can be set up stationary in the stadium.  Cameramen can use gamepads to control the direction of scenes and the zooming while they observe and shoot the whole scene in the 4K display.

HD CUT can also be used as a real time editing tool to generate HD video from live feed or recorded 4K video.


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