Zaxel Unvails Superslim(TM) 4K and Multi-Channel Video Server at InterBEE

Santa Clara, CA (November 18, 2009) — On November 18, 2009 Zaxel unveiled Superslim(TM) Multi-Cannel video server at InterBEE exhibit in Japan. Zaxel Superslim server is just 1.7 inch hgih, and consumes less than 500 W. It can drive up to 4 synchronized HD displays or 1 4K display. It is equipped with 1.25 TB of SSD (expandable to 2.5 TB optionally), which can store 1 hour of uncompressed quality 4K video with ZLC (Zaxel's mathematically lossless compression). Zaxel Superslim comes with well tested Zaxtar software for capture and play back of pristine quality video. Zaxel Superslim can also directly play back TIFF files and DPX files.

It is an ideal server for playing back videos on 4K projectors or 4K displays, or edge-blended multiple projectors for outside events and digital signage.

Zaxel Superslim server can be configured with 1 graphics card, or 2 Dual Link HDSDI cards.

Multiple number of Zaxel Superslim can capture and play back many more video streams with synchronization.

Here are some example use of multiple Superslim.

1. 2 servers: 4K RGB 444 HDSDI 10 bit recorder, or 4K 16 bit DVI player.

2. 4 servers: 4K 12 bit RGB 444 HDSDI recorder, or 8K DVI 8 bit player,

3. 16 servers: 8K 12 bit RGB 444 HDSDI recorder.

Superslim is available immediately.

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