8K Clip Obtained in New Way: Zaxel has introduced two software products that satisfy the pent up demands of 8K video clips

Santa Clara, CA (October 22, 2013)

8K projectors and large surface video walls have been available, but there are no 8K video clips, since there are no 8K video cameras in the market.

However, very high quality video cameras that have sensors with more than 16 million pixels are available from Sony and Red. These video cameras are widely used as 4K video cameras. Sony and Red offer software that can take raw files from Sony F65 and Red Epic Dragon, and then convert these files to 6K RGB files by directly debayering the 16 million pixel sensor patterns.

The first new Zaxel software is a 6K to 8K Zaxel Superscaler (TM) up-converter. Zaxel is the leader in super-resolution up-conversion. To obtain unarguably pristine 8K clips, Zaxel now has extended its capabilities to un-convert 6K to 8K.

The quality of the up-converted video goes up as the up-conversion ratio decreases. You can observe significant details in the 6K to 8K up-converted video compared with 4K to 8K up-converted video.

These pristine quality up-converted video clips can be used to drive very large video walls or to display edge-blend-ed 8K projection surface with stunning clarity.

The second software is Zaxel 8K DPX to Eshift 8K DPX converter. Eshift 8K projector is used by NHK to demonstrate their 8K clips currently and commercialized by JVC as DLA-VS4800 projector. Zaxel's Zaxtar 5 8K can take Eshift 8K DPX files and play back on JVC DLA-VS4800 with 8K resolution. Thus, we can take Sony F65 or Red Epic Dragon Raw files and create Eshift 8K DPX files and play back with Eshift 8K projector all in one server, Zaxtar 5 8K.

These two software will dramatically increase the availability of 8K clips to be played back on edge-blended 8K projection surface, Eshift 8K projector, and large scale video walls.

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