World's first video server for an 8K wobbling projector delivered

Santa Clara, CA (June 26, 2013) — As 8K projectors move out of the lab and into the real world, Zaxel is ready to provide cost effective video servers for the most challenging formats.

Today Zaxel is pleased to announce the shipment of a playback server, Zaxtar 5 8K, for the JVC DLA-VS4800 8K wobbling projector. This commercially available 8K projector was featured in the NHK Theater during NAB 2013.

Display on the DLA-VS4800 requires specialized synchronization previously available only with expensive specialized hardware. The Zaxtar 5 adds support for this projector with custom software and hardware running on commercial graphics cards. This strategy allows us to offer a lower cost but significantly more powerful solution.

Key Features of the Zaxtar 5 8K server are:

1. Sub-pixel digital convergence algorithm
Convergence problem is twice more severe than 4K projector and four times more serve than HD projector
2. 12-bit RGB 4:4:4 video output over dual link DVI
3. E-shift wobbling support
4. Uncompressed DPX and TIFF support
5. Synchronized LTC output to support external audio device.

The Zaxtar 5 8K is housed in a small, low power ATX chassis and is an ideal video server for theaters, museums, and planetariums as well as for interactive applications such as simulation at a fraction of the cost of hardware based solutions.

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