Zaxel demonstrated 10 bit DPX player and RAW to DPX conversion at InfoComm 2012

Santa Clara, CA (June 16, 2012) — InfoComm 2012 exhibition was held in Las Vegas Convention Centre from June 13 to 15. Zaxel demonstrated Zaxtar HDMI server at Sony's booth driving Sony VPL-VW1000ES projector.

Zaxtar HDMI server can directly play back 10 bit DPX files. Zaxtar HDMI server is an ideal solution for post production workflow for 4K cameras such as Sony F65 and RED Redone. Since Zaxtar HDMI server uses Windows 7 as the operating system, converter software from Sony and Red can be installed on Zaxtar HDMI server to convert compressed RAW files to 16 bit DPX files or OpenEXR files. Color correction software such as Da Vinci Resolve can also be installed on Zaxtar for color correction. Then Zaxtar can play back the output of color correction directly; unlike some other 4K players, ingestion or file format conversion is not necessary. The fact that all the post production operations can be done on one server without any file copying saves time tremendously.


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