Zaxel at InfoComm, affordable 4K server and projector starting at less than $70,000

Santa Clara, CA (June 13, 2008) — You may have wanted to review movies taken by RED movie cameras, but you have not done so because the 4K projector and 4K server are very expensive.

You are involved in visualization of scientific data and simulation results at very high resolution and even in stereo, but very high prices prohibited you from the experience.

Zaxel is introducing an affordable 4K server and projector system at InfoComm from June 18 to June 20 in Las Vegas.

Entry model of Zaxel's Zaxtar 4K DVI server supports 4096 X 2160 at 24 fps and 3840 X 2160 at 30 fps at 8bit. High end models can support 60 fps and 120 fps at 10 bit and 12 bit.

Zaxel has incorporated EasyBlend software from Scalable Display Technologies so that you can use 4 inexpensive but high quality home theater class HD projectors to create one seamless 4K projection.

Zaxtar 4K DVI can scale to stereo and resolutions beyond 4K such as 6K X 3K and 8K X 4K resolutions using more projectors.

Please visit us at Scalable Display Technologies' booth at C825 to experience an inexpensive 4K projection system.

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