Zaxel introduces Versatile, Affordable, HD/2K Stereo Server

Santa Clara, CA (June 4, 2009) — Today Zaxel announced that it has introduced a versatile, affordable HD/2K Stereo Server "Orochi". Orochi is available immediately.

Orochi's low end model 30, priced at 18,000 dollars, can drive 2 channels of Dual Link DVI for passive stereo at 60Hz, 30 frames per second of pristine image quality, as well as 1 channel of active stereo at 120 Hz, 60 frames per second.

Orochi has 6 channels of AES/EBU and embedded audio perfectly synchronized with video.

Orochi can be used for both Movie play back as well as Interactive graphics applications. Switching between Movie application and Interactive graphics is instantaneous. Unlike other movie specific servers, customers will save substantial amount of money because they do not have to purchase expensive extra switches and storage.

Orochi uses Zaxel's famed ZLC mathematically lossless compression for pristine image quality. ZLC introduces no information loss, therefore, the original image and the output image are equivalent bit by bit, but reduces the storage requirements to one third of the uncompressed video.

Orochi can also ingest TIFF, TARGA, DPX, adn MOV (Quicktime) files.

Orochi model 60 has 2 channels of Dual Link DVI outputs for 60 Hz, 60 fps output or 1 channel output of 120 Hz, 120 fps.

Orochi model 120 has 2 channels of Dual Link DVI output for 120 Hz, 120 fps.

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