Zaxel's Stereo 2K/HD Cinema Server, a Phenomenal Success at Telluride's Mountain Film Festival

Santa Clara, CA (May 26, 2008) — Zaxel's Stereo 2K/HD Cinema Server was used on May 25th at Mountain Film Festival in Telluride, Colorado, to play "Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk 3D" featuring Robert Kennedy, Jr. and narrated by Robert Redford in collaboration with Edwards Technologies Inc.

The movie was created by MacGillivray and Freeman, originally with 75 mm film. It was scanned at HD resolution, then encoded to Zaxel' server using ZLC (mathematically lossless compression).

Unlike MPEG or JPEG 2000, ZLC guarantees bit by bit identity; hence, no artifacts are introduced. This is ideal for 3D movies, where slight differences in left and right frames cause glitches in the eye. Furthermore ZLC can play back on RGB Rec 709 color space, so less expensive standard projectors could be used.

Because of the very high quality of the video and audio presentation, audience of film industry applauded with standing ovation after the show.

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