Zaxel delivers 4K server to Miraikan

Santa Clara, CA (May 24, 2009) — Today Zaxel announced that it delivered Zaxtar 4K with YUV 422 10 bit server in a very compact chassis to (Japanese) National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Zaxel won the world wide procurement competition with the most affordable, compact, reliable 4K server.

Zaxtar 4K is well known for its video quality with the patented mathematically lossless compression such that the video quality is but the video quality is bit by bit identical to the uncompressed video, but the stored file size is up to one fourth of the uncompressed file size for scientific visualization contents. This allows Zaxtar to be configured using very reliable, mass produced components.

This makes Zaxtar 4K as the most affordable, yet most reliable 4K video server in the industry.

As an example, eight Zaxtars are used at Toyota Motor visualization center for executive presentation for the past 8 years, but there has been no hardware problems and they have been still using them.

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