Zaxel delivered GPU based Color Convergence for 4k and 8k projection

Santa Clara, CA (May 22, 2013) — Color Convergence is a common problem with high end 4k and 8k resolution projectors. This is a fundamental technical issue created by the use of RGB overlapping images in the projector itself. As the distance from projector to screen increases, the small offsets between projector color bands leads to prominent color defects.

Installations with overlapping projectors (3D) or uniquely shaped screens encounter this issue immediately, but it subtlety affects the quality of any digital projection onto a large screen.

Zaxel has created a GPU based solution to the Color Convergence problem and integrated it into our Zaxtar 5 4K 60P video server.

Our solution is a two step process. The initial phase calibrates a software map that is specific to the projector and screen. Users manipulate points on a graphic mesh to align projection color bands on a sub-pixel level. This calibration is saved to the server and does not need to be modified after initial installation.

The second stage is a real-time graphics remapping integrated in our high resolution playback server. This applies the sub-pixel transformations to uncompressed video at 60P.

For more information on Zaxel's Color Convergence and how it can improve your 4k experience please send an inquiry to


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