Zaxtar 4K server will be used to show Stereo 4K at Science and Technology Museum in Manchester for the first 4K FILM Festival in UK

Santa Clara, CA (May 3, 2009) — Zaxel's 4K video server is the most powerful video server capable of displaying RGB, YUV, XYZ 444 4K video up to the frame rate of 120 and color depth of 16 bit per color component. The server is completely modular in hardware and file management system so that it can be scaled up to 8K video server and beyond.

The quality of the video is the highest since it uses mathematically lossless compression to make the video file smaller yet there is no loss of quality from the original DPX or TIFF files.

Two Zaxel's 4K servers are synchronized to drive two JVC 4K projectors for Stereo 4K video at this Festival, to be held from June 10 until 12 at Science and Technology Museum in Manchester, England.

The event is organized by b.TWEEN 09, Experimental Media Centre, and Calit2.

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