Zaxel Systems Integrages Lossless Compression Scheme into AJA's OEM Real-Time Dual Link HD-SDI I/O Card

Zaxel Systems’ Zaxel Lossless Compression (ZLCTM) Enables Three Times Faster Compression/Decompression, Saves Money on Storage

Las Vegas (April, 2006) — Zaxel Systems, a leading developer of digital video compression systems and products, today announced that it has integrated its patented ZLC (Zaxel Lossless Compression) into the AJA OEM dual link high-definition (HD) and serial digital interface (SDI) I/O card, which enables customers to compress and decompress high-resolution digital video at three times the current rate for video capture, editing, and playback in both HD and standard definition (SD). The faster compression rates enable Zaxel customers to save on storage costs, enable them to connect more than twice as many workstations to SAN, and achieve faster data transfer on network.

This technology provides Zaxel customers with the only real-time solution for lossless video compression, essentially providing the power of a full-scale video server on a single video card.

“The ZLC technology is a cost-effective upgrade to one of the most powerful video compression technologies available,” said Nick Rashby, Director of Sales and Marketing, AJA. “This integration delivers the power of a video server in a single card and provides Zaxel customers with a powerful method of handling complex graphics and high-resolution imaging. We are pleased to have Zaxel as one of our OEM partners.”

The Zaxel ZLC video codec is integrated into the FPGA on the AJA card, and provides three stages of compression and decompression that enable the prediction of the value of each video pixel, based on previously viewed pixels. The technology provides real-time record and play with no latency. Zaxel guarantees bit-for-bit restoration through multiple codec cycles.

“Now, Zaxel users don't have to invest in new hardware; they can easily upgrade to the highest level of video performance with the latest technology by installing our new solution,” said Dr. Norihisa Suzuki, President & CEO of Zaxel Systems Inc. “The ZLC is designed to provide real-time video compression that renders no loss in quality, with tremendous savings in customer bandwidth and storage capacity. We are pleased to offer this technology to our customers, which represent the vanguard of video creativity.”


ZLC compresses and decompresses digital video without any loss of data. Bit-for-bit restoration is guaranteed at any raster, any resolution, any frame rate, and at any bit depth.

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