Zaxel demonstrated 4K 10 bit 60P DPX and TIFF play back server at NAB 2013

Santa Clara, CA (April 20, 2013) — Zaxel has released Zaxtar 5 which can play back 4K 10 bit 60P contents and can directly play back sequences of DPX files and TIFF files.

At NAB 2013 Zaxel demonstrated Zaxtar 5 by driving Sony VPL-GT100 projector through 2 DisplayPorts. Sony VPL-GT100 is capable of projecting 4K 10 bit 60P.

With this server Zaxel achieves Extreme Details, Extreme Color Fidelity, and Extreme Motion Stability.

Zaxtar 5 can also be upgraded to stream 4.8 GB/sec from the SSD array so that Dual Stream of 4K 10 bit 60P can be played back. This Dual Stream version can drive 2 Sony VPL-GT100 for Stereo 3D, 8K X 2K projection with edge blending, or Dual Brightness.


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