Zaxel will Introduce "Affordable 4K" at NAB

Santa Clara, CA (March 29, 2009) — Please visit Zaxel's booth at SL 8927. Zaxel wil introduce affordable 4K video capture, editing, play back, and projection solutions at NAB from April 20 till April 23.

As more organizations deman very high quality and high resolution video, many 4K equipment have been introduced. However, they are still expensive, and commercial 4K contents are not available. Zaxel's solutions have addressed those issues.

We are happy to announce that our R&D team has made a number of breakthroughs and now have an end-to-end, from contents creation to projection, affordable 4K solutions.


First challenge was the acquisition and creation of 4K contents. True 4K video cameras are not available, and even Bayor-pattern 4K cameras are expensive.

Therefore, Zaxel has focused on R&D efforts to improve the "Super Resolution" technologies pioneered by Zaxel's Co-Founder Prof. Kanade of Carnegie Mellon University. Super Resolution takes a sequence of video frames, detects object and camera motions, and infers the values of pixels when the images were upconverted.

The result is a practical "Super Resolution" upconverter Superscaler(TM), which can upconvert SD to HD in real time with standard PC graphics card. It can upconvert both HD and 2K progressive video and interlaced video to 4K offline with PC. Thus, widely available HD contents can be upconverted to 4K, and they look like they are originally scanned to 4K resolution. Interlaced video is difficult to upconvert, but we invented an intelligent, predictive deinterlacing algorithm to convert 1080 60i to 1080 60P and then upconvert to 4K 60P resulting in best-of-breed deinterlaced videoi. The resulting 4K 60P video can be played back 4K projectors or 4K displays.

Since the price of native resolution FHD video cameras came down substantially with the introduction of FHD video capture capabilities of Digital Still cameras, Zaxel's Superscaler is a very affordable and often the only approach to create 4K contents by non professional video photographers as well as professional video photographers.

Editing is much easier with Zaxel approach. Since HD video captured by Digital Still Cameras are in standard codecs such as H.264, widely used editing software can be used for post production at low cost.


Zaxtar 4K video server can play back 8/10/12/14/16 bit per color component at frame rates 24/30/48/60/72/120/144.

The quality of 4K video can be truly enjoyed with uncompressed video format. If they are compressed, the 2K and 4K become less distinguishable.

However, uncompressed 4K video player is expensive and bulky. Zaxel has pioneered mathematically lossless compression video server. The quality of the video output is identical to uncompressed video, but the hardware resource requirements are much less. With the advance of solid state disk, we can play back uncompressed equivalent, mathematically lossless 4K video from 2 striped 2.5 inch solid state disks.


Zaxtar 4K video server are synchronizable, so they are connected to drive multiple 4K and Full HD projectors for stereo 4K or larger video size such as 8K.

Zaxtar 4K has integrated auto calibration and edge blending software from Scalable Display Technologies, so any number of 4K and FHD projectors are placed in arbitrary geometry and can display seamless video on these areas. It can also play back video on curved surfaces or dome surfaces.

We will be demonstrating 4K video play back with edge blended 4 Full HD projectors at our booth.

Please come to see us at booth SL 8927.

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